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Garden of the Gods

Prayer and inspiration for truckers.
I have a strange title here but let me explain,

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Rainbow and storm clouds

Let me pray for you. I am a former truck driver, now on disibility. This is my ministry now.please email your requests to me or write to the address below, I will answer asap. Chaplain Bob
If you don't know Jesus as Lord and savior, would you do it now? He's calling you. Just pray, Jesus, forgive me of all my sins, I accept you now as my Lord and savior, I believe you died and rose from the grave, I believe you died on that cruel cross for me,come into my heart right now, thank you Jesus, in Jesus name I ask this amen and amen.

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Mailing Address:

Chaplain Robert L. Givan(BOB)
3805 Radiant Dr. #424
Colorado Springs, Co. 80917