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Our prayer for you

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This is a prayer for you truckers.Father God, I ask today that you would watch over all truckers out there on the hiways and byways of our country and all nations. Send your angels to watch over their every mile, in sunshine,rain, snow sleet or whatever the road conditions may be. Give their tires traction, their minds clarity and help them to always operate in a safe manner. Put your hedge of protection around them, keep them safe from mistakes and the careless actions of others, take them home safe to their families and loved ones. Father watch over  the wives and husbands[in some cases] as they wait at home for their drivers to return, bless these spouses left at home as they take care of business on the home front,bless the children at home as they await the return of their dad or mom. I plead the blood of JESUS over them all, on the road or at home, keep their households in good order, their vehicles safe. May Gods peace and blessings be with them and keep them.In JESUS' name,amem&amen. Chaplain Bob, I love you and GOD loves you.

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